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Fort Smith's #1 Choice For Personal Training & Boxing Instruction For Over 20 Years

 “I wish I had done this sooner. Hiring Brian as a personal trainer has given me the peace of mind that I am doing exercises correctly and following the right plan to reach my goals. At 51 years old I feel better than when I was in my forties. I can't thank Brian enough. He has changed my life and the way I look"

Elizabeth Cooper - Muldrow, OK

This is Why We Are Awesome!

BDJ Fitness & Boxing at The Iron Warehouse Gym is the best in the business...
We offer proven results from our advanced training systems and experienced personal trainers. 

  • In Less Than 90 Days

    Alejandra Lopez-Daniels

    In August 2016 I went to my long time friend and trainer Brian Jones to get me in the best shape of my life. We went straight to work and it has been nothing but progress ever since. Those who know me well know how modest and shy I am about my body. I had great hesitations about posting pictures of myself in only a sports bra and pair of shorts for the world to see. However I decided to post these pictures in the hopes that it may motivate someone who is struggling now, like I was 3 months ago, to take the first step to improving their health and fitness. If just one person is motivated to start working out by these pictures of my transformation I will consider it a huge victory. I love working out with my gym family. Even though we are all at different levels of fitness, we motivate each other to reach our individual goals. If you have been considering beginning a fitness and nutrition program, don’t wait til next week, next month or next year. Start today!!! ”

  • Real People, Real Results

    Shane Morris

    “I was looking for a new direction for my personal fitness goals. I wanted more intense workouts to become stronger and get more muscular definition. I now have more confidence in my ability to lift more and do more. The environment is very comfortable for everyone,beginner or experienced.
    I tell everyone who asks this is a MUST TRY!!! Everyone is helpful and encouraging and offers lots of support whether you can lift 5 pounds or 500 pounds. We all work together in a very positive atmosphere."

This is Why We Are Different!

We are not a fitness center or gym...We are a private training facility that specializes in one on one personal training and small group training.
Most importantly we offer results...No more wandering around a gym not knowing where to start...we walk you through our proven training systems that have been succesful for other Fort Smith residents just like you! 

Our training facility has the most expierienced personal trainers in the game.

Our trainers are second to none when it comes to their knowledge and ability. Our trainers are accomplished in all their areas of expertise. All of our trainers are accomplished athletes. These training systems are now available to you!

Did you know that resistance training with free weights burns fat faster than just cardio and nutrition?  Iron Elite Strength & Conditioning is designed to help you sculpt all those problem areas and achieve your fat loss goals...FAST!

Did you know that long slow cardio on a machine is making you fatter not leaner. Spending an hour a day at a slow pace can actually kill your fat loss dream. Annihilation: Total Body Training System uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Advanced Core Training to burn 3 times the calories in 30 minutes than you would spending an hour on a cardio machine!

Did you know that Boxing is one of the most demanding activities on your body. When done correctly boxing utiizes every muscle group and cardiovacular system of the body. Learn to box like the pros, this is no cardio class. BDJ Boxing For Fitness uses the same training programs used by World Champion Professional and Amateur Athletes. 


Let's Talk About Your Goals

I know you have probably tried other ways to get in shape. You may be working out right now. If y u are completely new to fitness and want to talk more about what we can do for you or if you are working out right now and want to take things to the next level we are here to help. Click below so we can set up a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced trainers.

What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "I was hesitant at first about spending money on a personal trainer but I realized I was making an investment in myself. I was always intimidated by gyms since I wasn't sure what to do. He knew what to do for me as an individual. I wasn't given formulated workouts.  If you want to feel strong and confident start working with BDJ Fitness today."

    Shirley Yutterman - Fort Smith, AR

  • "I was never able to stay consistent with working out. I was just staying fit enough to not be out of shape. Not being in shape mad simple tasks more difficult. It put a damper on my self-confidence as well. I was never big on working out with groups but everybody in our group makes it more enjoyable."You won't regret your decision to start training with BDJ."

    Matt Siebenmorgen - Fort Smith, AR

  • "What I like the most is that in only 30 minutes a day I have lost weight, built stronger muscles and lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure to normal levels. I am now in better health, feel better about myself and move faster on the tennis court. Brian is very professional and has vast amount of knowledge on proper exercise and nutrition."

    Sally Bracken - Fort Smith, AR

  • "This is a great training system for getting FIT. Since I have been training at BDJ Fitness I have improved my times in obstacle races, 5k's and mud runs. This workout is designed for men and women who want to see results and willing to give 100%. If that describes you then you owe it to yourself to get started today. You will be happy that you did."

    Phillip Weinsinger - Van Buren, AR

  • "I became interested in training with Brian when I had seen the results of some of the other women he trained. I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to lift some of the weight I saw others doing. However Brian gave me the confidence to work to my potential. Now I have alot more energy and my body doesn't ache as much. The results are real."

    Mamie Banks - Van Buren, AR

  • "I'm leaner and stronger. Before I could never do pushups, now I can crank them out with no problem. I lost all of my pregnancy weight and an additional 10 pounds. I have more energy to keep up with my two year old toddler and my infant twins. If you are looking to get stronger in a positive environment then BDJ Fitness is for you."

    Mary Cotta - Fort Smith, AR